Exfoliating Gloves

$11.95 $16.95

💚 DEEP EXFOLIATION – Say hello to silky smooth skin and goodbye to dry, itchy skin with our exfoliating glove line! Our exfoliating gloves are thick and high-quality with 100% nylon fibers designed for deep and thorough exfoliation. They can be used anywhere, it’s a perfect arm exfoliator, leg exfoliator, and whole body exfoliator!

💚 PERFECTLY PAIR WITH YOUR FAVORITE BODY WASH OR SCRUB – This thick exfoliating body scrubber can be used both as a dry or wet exfoliator. Pair this with your favorite body wash, soap, or exfoliating body scrub (we suggest any of our 12 fabulous scrubs!). This skin exfoliator can minimize clogged pores and prevent ingrown hairs.

💚 MACHINE WASHABLE – Throw the gloves in the wash when they need a refresh, quick and easy! We certainly understand the need to wash them when they become loaded with dead skin cells, it is an excellent dead skin scrubber after all.

💚 UNIVERSAL FIT - We designed these exfoliating shower gloves for all body types as the stretchy nylon fibers can fit snugly to any hand size. Simply slip on the body exfoliator glove, wet it, and lather up with your favorite body wash, soap, or exfoliating scrub.

💚 4 GLOVES WITH A HANG LOOP TO DRY – There are 4 durable shower gloves in every pack! Keep one set for you and give one to your partner, or even better keep them both for yourself when the first set needs to be replaced! Each exfoliant glove also has a dainty loop to easily hang dry after every use; it’s the perfect addition to your self-care routine.

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