Pure Aloe Vera Spray

$14.95 $19.95
💚 99.66% PURE ALOE JUICE - Our aloe after sun spray is as good as it gets. It's 99.66% aloe vera juice plus food grade preservatives! Never from powder or concentrate, our aloe vera juice is straight from farm fresh leaves! Did we mention theres no xanthan?

💚 BETTER THAN GEL - Why is an aloe spray for sunburn better than a aloe gel for sunburn? Spraying is so much easier than rubbing in gel! Once you switch, you'll never go back. Say goodbye to touching hot sunburnt skin with thick gel, and hello to cooling aloe mist spray!
💚 SO MANY USES - This sun burn spray is incredibly versatile! Use it to tamp down on thick, curly hair as an aloe vera spray for hair. Add it to your skincare routine as an all around aloe vera moisturizer. It even helps with hot flash relief as it cools the skin!
💚 ABSORBS QUICKLY WITHOUT RESIDUE- You'll notice the difference in minutes as the after sun aloe vera absorbs into the skin. Its amazing! It does not leave a thick layer of residue like most aloe vera gel for sunburn relief products.
💚 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK - We know you'll love our aloe for sunburn relief spray, regardless how you use it. Please let us know if something is wrong, as a small business we will make it right.

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