Electric Wax Melter (Small)

$79.99 $119.99

💚 THE PERFECT DIY CANDLE WAX MELTER: Featuring a heat resistant handle that swiftly locks and unlocks to pour, a non-stick coated interior for easy cleaning, and a timeless brass spout! Fully assembled with just a Philips screwdriver in <5 minutes.

💚 EASIER THAN A CANDLE MAKING BOILER: Simply add soy/coconut/paraffin wax, heat it to the desired temperature, add any desired fragrance or dye, and pour! You'll be amazed at how many more candles you can produce with our candle pot!

💚 HOLDS 10lbs OF WAX: This is a large melting pot! This pot for candle making holds 160oz of wax, making a whopping 20 8oz candles per batch!

💚 WISCONSIN CRAFTSMANSHIP: The brass spout is expertly attached by hand by our small business in Madison, Wisconsin. Each candle making pot is thoroughly inspected before being sent out the door for quality and reliability you can trust.

💚 WE ARE JUST ONE MESSAGE AWAY: We have personally used these pots for years and would be so happy to help teach you. While we've included a comprehensive guide in every box, you may still contact us for anything at all and we will share our expertise!

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